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Bar-K Water Well Services Inc.

Leduc County, Alberta

Specialists in Water Well Maintenance and Repair

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Pumping Systems

Whether your water is brought to surface by Submersible, Jet or Pumpjack we can troubleshoot, repair, or replace any of these systems. Like any other piece of equipment these pumps can develop problems over time as both the pump and well ages. Worn out pumps do not operate efficiently and can dramatically impact both your pressure system and energy consumption. We can flow and pressure test these pumps to make sure they are operating as designed.

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Pressure Systems

The pressure system is the distribution center for your well water. A poorly functioning pressure system can dramatically impact the lifespan of your pumping system, the operability of your appliances and your energy consumption. Whether your installation operates with a fixed deadband pressure switch or you have a constant pressure delivery system, make sure it is operating optimally and efficiently by calling for a checkup today.

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Shock Chlorination

Is your well water not smelling or tasting  like water these days ? Appliances staining or excessive brown slime in your toilet tank? These conditions may be due to a buildup of iron or other bacteria in your well. Shock Chlorination of your well and water system can kill these bacteria and improve your water quality. We use a calculated volume of treated city water mixed with a non corrosive, non-oxidative additive (Not Chlorine) to treat your well safely. We work with you to fully purge your system with treated water and let it go to work.


Well Servicing

With our fully equipped service rig we come to your location with the tools and inventory to get the repairs done quickly and safely, on all well types. We can also provide wellbore flushing to clean out sediment buildup in wellbores and abandonement for wells no longer in service to keep them from contaminating your other wells.

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Well Testing

Thinking your well is not performing as it should? It may be the pump, pressure system or the actual well itself. Find out where the problem is with a drawdown and recovery test of the well, as well as a flow and pressure test of your pumping system. We can draw a sample and submit for analysis at time of testing as well to ensure your water is safe for use and consumption. Buying or Selling a property? Test the well prior to buying to know your water well properties and before selling to get in front of any repairable problems that may prevent closing the deal.


About Us

Bar-K Drilling and Bar-K Water Well Services was founded by Ken Banks and has been serving the Leduc county area since 1979 both drilling and servicing water wells. In 2006 Ken sold the drilling equipment and since that time has focused on water well maintenance and repair. Ken has extensive knowledge of the water wells constructed in the area and the problems that they develop over time. Don Popik joined with Ken in 2018 after spending over 30 years in the electrical, instrumentation and automation industry. We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Bar-K Water Well Services Inc.. You can trust us to supply you with only the best products, as well as top quality customer service.

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.

Dropped or Stuck Pump?

Have you gotten your pump stuck attempting to pull it out of the well or dropped it to the bottom? Before you call for that drilling rig give us a call. We have the tools and techniques that may be able to remediate this problem.

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